Spray-on Acoustical and Thermal Insulation Treatment Systems for commercial and residential applications.

Our spray-on acoustical and thermal insulation treatment systems are the solution to your acoustical, thermal, lighting, and design problems. Available in a variety of colors and textures, these environmentally friendly products are cost-effective in both renovations and new construction.

Sona Spray "fc" Acoustical Treatment

This spray applied acoustical texture works to meet both acoustical and lighting design objectives. Sona Spray "fc" is used in new construction and renovations, often in schools, churches, libraries, offices and other noise sensitive spaces. It is available in white as well as custom color mixes.


Celbar provides complete coverage and the sealing action, filling holes in wallboard and voids around plumbing and electrical outlets, vent ducts and other features. Pneumatically spray-applied, Celbar provides outstanding sound transfer control in both residential and commercial construction.

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Featuring K-13 Spray on Systems

This system fulfills your project requirements for:

K-13 insulates by creating dead air spaces between and within its hollow fibers. Because the K-13 fibers are sprayed-in-place, they fill cracks, seams and voids, reducing air infiltration.

The K-13 fibers also absorb sound rather than reflecting it, improving the ambient sound quality of facilities like auditoriums, broadcast studios and convention centers.

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