Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is ATS Acoustical Thermal Spray Inc a Licensed K-13 Applicator?
A: Yes, ATS Acoustical Thermal Spray Inc is a Licensed K-13 Applicator/Installer with International Cellulose Corporation (ICC). We have over 40 years of licensed experience.

Q: Is K-13 spray available in different colors?
A: Yes, K-13 comes in seven (7) standard colors as well as custom colors to match your needs. Standard colors include: Black, White, Gray, Light Gray, Tan, Cocoa, and Beige.

Q: What kind of substrates can K-13 be sprayed on?
A: K-13 spray adheres to nearly any typical construction material. Call Acoustical Thermal Spray Inc for details on complex surfaces.

Q: Can K-13 spray be used in retro-fit and remodeling projects?
A: Yes, K-13 spray is perfectly suitable for retro-fit and remodeling projects in addition to new construction.

Q: Does the substrate need to be primed before using ICC sprays?
A: Depends on what the substrate is but typically no. However, in the case of soiled/dirty or loose/peeling paint then yes, the substrate should be primed.

Q: Is K-13 spray, SonaKrete, or SonaSpray “fc”, easily knocked off or disturbed?
A: No, once cured, all sprayed International Cellulose Corporation (ICC) materials have a very high bond strength.

Q: Do all ICC materials have the same noise reduction co-efficient (NRC)?
A: No, different ICC products have a different co-efficient depending on the thickness of application.

Q: How do I know the thickness of acoustical spray I will need?
A: Thickness depends on your noise reduction co-efficient (NRC) needs as you may require a certain thickness in one place and a different thickness in another. Contact ATS Acoustical Thermal Spray Inc, an ICC Licensed Contractor, for details. 540-382-6532.

Q: Can K-13 spray be applied in five-inch (5”) thickness?
A: Yes, K-13 spray can be applied in five-inch (5”) thickness to provide an R-19 value.

Q: Are International Cellulose Corporation (ICC) materials foam insulation?
A: No, ICC materials are sourced from recycled paper making ICC products a very green option.

Q: Are International Cellulose Corporation (ICC) products VOC compliant?
A: Yes, in addition to unmatched acoustic and thermal performance, ICC products meet some of the international community’s most stringent standards for low emissions of VOC’s.

Q: Are International Cellulose Corporation (ICC) products LEED® compliant?
A: Yes, International Cellulose Corporation (ICC) products are LEED® v4 compliant.

For more answers contact ICC Licensed Contractor Rivers Kelley of ATS Acoustical Thermal Spray Inc

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