Acoustical Treatment

If you need an acoustical spray treatment to reduce noise in your commercial building or residence, the experts at ATS Acoustical Thermal Spray, Inc. are here to help. We offer a bevy of noise reduction treatment options, including the following.


K-13 is a versatile spray that can be customized to suit the specific needs of your insulation and building. Since it’s available in wide array of colors, it will seamlessly fit into your building’s overall décor while still providing the noise reduction benefits you seek. It’s an affordable option that can be used on commercial buildings that feature nearly any type of surface, including steel, concrete, glass and wood.

Celbar Spray On

In addition, we offer Celbar spray on, which is an environmentally friendly solution that is made from recycled paper and natural cellulose fibers. Celbar is both fire resistant and a wonderful application for reducing noise, making it a popular option amongst our customers.

SonaKrete Acoustical Plastic

Featuring a carefully designed plaster texture, the SonaKrete spray is renowned for reducing noise in older, historical spaces, or buildings with arched ceilings. However, you don’t have to let style suffer for substance’s sake, as it provides a visually appealing finish at an affordable price.


An offshoot of K-13, Sonaspray is a visible ceiling finish that helps reduce noise control in commercial buildings. It’s known for being aesthetically pleasing and is a popular choice for both remodels and new constructions. It is comprised of cellulose fibers and has natural fire retardants.

Those are examples of the different options we can provide your building to help reduce noise, while also adding a sleek look to your building. ATS Acoustical Thermal Spray provides acoustical treatment spray on services to customers in most Mid-Atlantic states, including Maryland (and Washington D.C.), Delaware, Virginia, North and South Carolina, West Virginia and eastern Tennessee and Kentucky.

If you have any general or specific questions, contact us today.